74% of shoppers still do one ‘big shop’ a week, Nectar reveals

Sainsbury’s Nectar has unveiled the nation’s supermarket shopping habits, highlighting 74% of Brits still do “one big shop per week”, although almost half will top up odd items throughout the week if needed.

The study, which was conducted with over 2,000 supermarket shoppers, also showed that most shoppers factorise price (68%) as the most important factor when deciding whether or not to purchase an item, followed by quality (57%) and expiration dates (51%).

Other noticeable results include, 59% of shoppers write a shopping list with a further 66% believing that a shopping list gets the shopping done in less time.

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Although, 50% of those who wrote their lists on paper confessed to often forgetting to bring it with them or check it.

The research also explored shopping habits Brits wish they could break, which included forgetting items (33%), not planning meals ahead of time (23%), forgetting reusable bags(26%) and not utilising loyalty scheme promotions (12%).

Nectar highlighted that these habits cost Brits both time and money. The survey respondents agreed with 20% confessing to spending more time doing their shop than initially planned and 28% said they walk down aisles aimlessly.

“Ensuring that we’re offering our customers great value is something we really prioritise, but we also understand that busy lives can often mean there is little time left to plan the food shop or take advantage of all the deals on offer,” the director of CRM and Nectar at Sainsbury’s Sam Burston said.

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