Shelling in Ukraine results in £6.5m poultry loss


Around £6.5 million worth of poultry products has been destroyed at Ukraine food giant MPH, after shelling by Russian forces (RF) over the weekend.

On 12 March, a fire broke out in Ukraine’s largest warehouse in the village of Kvitneve, within the Kyiv region.

Around 8,500 tonnes of poultry are at risk as the MHP has limited access to warehouses in southern Ukraine.

Before the shelling was announced, the company’s Australian chairman Dr John Rich warned that if MHP production of distribution operations failed, it would have an “enormous humanitarian effect” in Ukraine.

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Rich explained that the company was “operating like a war room” as MHP delivers its own products and other aid into “cities that have been under heavy attack.”

Additionally, Rich said that RF advancements could affect the critical weeks for sowing wheat and other crops. He stated that the impacts globally would result in the price of wheat, corn and other commodities continuing to rise amid “spiralling inflation’ and “global supply chain” issues due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Prior to the war, MHP exported to UK’s food processors, hotels and catering companies. However, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has halted all food exports in order to focus on domestic food security.

Currently, it is uncertain how the shelling of MHP’s warehouse will affect Ukraine’s domestic poultry market, and what it means for neighbouring European states and the UK.

“MHP has a key responsibility in the food security of the country and it continues its operations despite substantial difficulties in supply chain and logistics,” the company has assured.

“MHP fully understands how important poultry production is for Ukraine and its population at such difficult times”

The news comes as Ukraine’s key port city, Mariupol, has suffered constant shelling, trapping thousands of civilians in desperate need of food and water.

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