Ukraine invasion to impact UK food production


The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) has warned that the Ukraine invasion will impact global food supplies “key in UK food production”.

The warning comes as Russia has ordered a full-scale invasion closing in on Ukraine’s capital, with the latest updates showing a missile hitting the centre of Kharkiv.

With escalating war crimes committed by Putin, economic repercussions are expected on a global scale due to Ukraine’s disrupted exports.

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The FDF has affirmed that the price of key commodities such as vegetable oil and maize will rise amid an “already troubling inflationary picture”.

This comes as the UK’s inflation has risen to a three-decade high with the CPI expected to surpass 7% in April.

Additionally, Rishi Sunak has faced pressure from business leaders to delay his 10% national tax hike in April as the Ukraine crisis continues to drive up inflation.

The conflict in Ukraine has also contributed to global energy prices and is expected to see UK’s inflation rise from 5.5% to 8% in a matter of months.

The FDF’s chief executive Karen Betts has assured they will “continue to watch developments closely and to work with food and drink manufacturers to try to minimise any knock-on effects for shoppers and consumers.”

The news over the UK’s economic position amid the Ukraine crisis comes as the UK government’s stance on aiding refugees has been heavily restricted compared to other European states.

The Home Office has been deemed “immoral” by Labour for preventing Ukrainians without a British immediate family member from seeking refuge in the UK through migration visas.

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