Starbucks reduces sale of Fairtrade coffee in the UK


Starbucks has announced it is cutting back on the amount of Fairtrade coffee it sells in the UK.

In a meeting last week, the coffee chain shop told Fairtrade that it will be reducing the amount of coffee it purchases from Fairtrade suppliers.

However, it is understood, Starbucks will retain its Fairtrade supplies for certain blends of coffee but has axed relationships with other suppliers.

As a result, the decision will reduce the 12-year partnership between the two companies.

Fairtrade revealed Starbucks, which partnered with Deliveroo back in October 2021, will continue to purchase its coffee globally but will reduce purchasing in Europe as part of changes to the firm’s supply chain.

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“Starbucks remains a valued partner of Fairtrade both in the UK and globally,” Fairtrade America executive director, which leads the global relationship with Starbucks, Pegg Willingham said.

“Starbucks has confirmed it will continue purchasing Fairtrade coffee globally, and that there will be a gradual reduction of some commitments over time in Europe, the Middle East and Africa as they look to increase their focus on their own in-house programme.

“Starbucks’ longstanding sourcing partnership with Fairtrade has made a significant impact in the livelihoods of farming communities – especially in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Peru and Brazil – where farmers have faced many challenges in recent years as a result of the pandemic and climate change.”

A Starbucks spokeswoman added: “As outlined in a recent meeting between Starbucks and Fairtrade, we will reduce the amount of Fairtrade coffee we purchase in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

“Our commitment to ethical coffee sourcing remains a priority through our Coffee and Farmer Equity practices programme.

“That said, we value our longstanding relationship with Fairtrade and the work they do to support smallholder farmers and we will continue to purchase Fairtrade coffee globally.”



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