UK food inflation highest in 3 years

Food and drink inflation has reached highest in over three years, according to official figures released. 

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed food and drink inflation increased by 2.5% in the last month amid supply chain disruptions. 

The ONS added that UK inflation has soared to its highest level in over a decade, attributing the supply chain issues, record fuel prices having affected the cost of living.

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The Office for National Statistic (ONS) revealed the rate of Consumer Prices Index (CPI) inflation has risen from 4.2 % in October to 5.1% in November, which is the highest since September 2011. 

As a result, the numbers have placed pressure on the Bank of England and government on reining record levels of inflation but to also support growth during the threat of Omicron. 

“We know how challenging rising inflation can be for families and households, which is why we’re spending £4.2 billion to support living standards and provide targeted measures for the most vulnerable over the winter months,” Chancellor Rishi Sunak said. 

“With a resurgence of the virus, the most important thing we can do to safeguard the economic recovery is for everyone to get boosted now.” 

However, Labour have outlined how the government has not done enough to tackle rampant inflation as “working people are hit with biggest tax burden in 70 years”. 

Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury Pat McFadden added: “These figures are a stark illustration of the cost-of-living crisis facing families this Christmas. 

“Instead of taking action, the government are looking the other way, blaming ‘global problems’ while they trap us in a high-tax, low-growth cycle.” 

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