Walkers eating ‘humble pie’ after stock shortages

Walkers has released an advert apologising for weeks of crisp shortages caused by a botched computer upgrade.

The brand made its “humble pie” admission in today’s issue of The Sun, with the tagline “the flavour we never wanted to taste”.

According to The Grocer, it reads: “Have you seen it? Probably not… nor a few of our other flavours recently. 

“We’ve been left eating humble pie as we’ve had some trouble getting our crisps out to you. We feel terrible we’ve let you down.”

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The company has struggled to produce crisps after its Leicester factory, which can normally churn out five million packets a day, was hit by a computer glitch.

Between 12 and 15 November, over a quarter of shops were running low on Walkers stock.

“Things are getting better here at Walkers, with crisps heading to shops every day,” the advert continued.

“Many of your favourites are now back and we’re working flat out to get our full range to you as soon as we can. To crisp fans everywhere, we’re truly sorry.”

Walkers had previously claimed the issue would be fixed by the end of November.

After being forced to prioritise mainstream flavours, the company is now manufacturing a wider range including Smoky Bacon, Roast Chicken and Marmite.

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