Petition against imported eggs gains 35,000 votes

A petition against imported eggs has gained 35,000 votes on since its launch this month. 

The petition by British Lion claims that using non-British eggs is “morally wrong” and demands that UK-produced eggs be used in foods such as quiche and sandwiches. 

The submission is currently one of the most popular petitions on the website and has been put towards the major supermarkets across the country. 

The retailers listed on the campaign include Tesco, Ocado, Waitrose, Lidl, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Iceland, Marks and Spencer, Co-op, Asda and Aldi. 

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The petition argues that imported eggs fail to meet the safety standards of local stock and that customers are not provided with adequate information about their origins on the packaging. 

The organisation added that the additional miles on imported goods is environmentally wasteful and that there have allegedly been a series of health concerns over eggs produced in Europe and across international markets. 

The move comes as research conducted by the business revealed that over 60 per cent of shoppers are concerned about the quality and safety of eggs supplied from international markets. 

A further 75 per cent of participants said they would be more likely to purchase eggs featuring the British Lion mark. 

The campaign is also receiving support from several public figures, including MPs Jim Shannon, Rosie Cooper and Niel Parish, alongside celebrity influencers Myleene Klass and The Georgia Edit.  

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