Co-op goes green with rebranded ‘Co-op26’ sites

The Co-op has rebranded six of its stores to spark climate change conversations in the run-up to COP26. 

According to the symbol group, six of its 2600 stores have been decorated with COP26 exterior signage, bunting, hanging boards and window vinyl takeovers. 

The move comes as part of the franchise’s partnership with environmental advocacy group Count us In, which aims to encourage one billion people to take steps at an individual level to reduce carbon emissions. 

The steps include introducing a more plant-rich diet, repairing and reusing appliances, cutting down on food waste and raising environmental awareness within their social circle.  

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The news follows the symbol group’s previous eco-friendly commitments including its 10-point action plan to reduce carbon emission and its target to hit carbon-neutral status by 2040.  

It also aims to become the first supermarket to sell entirely carbon neutral own-brand food and drink by 2025.  

“Through the launch of the Co-op26 campaign and our partnership with Count us In, we want to grab the attention of communities all across the UK,” Co-op chief executive Steve Murrells said. 

“While the world looks to the COP26 conference to guide global leaders on how countries can accelerate change, we are shining a spotlight on how [we] can all play a part in the fight against climate change on a community level. 

Count us In representative Ipsita Bhatia added: “We are thrilled and proud to have Co-op as a partner of Count us In. 

“It’s incredibly powerful to see Co-op engaging their colleagues, members and customers to take steps to reduce their own carbon pollution.” 

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