Industry in ‘challenging’ position post-Brexit, warns Seafood Scotland


Seafood Scotland has published its latest report, which warns that the new UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement represents a threat to Scotland’s fishing trade. 

The group said that the industry is in a “more challenging” position post-Brexit, and that the sector is facing hurdles it will take years to overcome.  

However, the organisation added that there will be some “moderate but uncertain” benefits for other areas of the industry. 

As a result, the report is petitioning for permanent financial support across the sector instead of requiring fisheries to submit annual requests for project-based funding.  

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The representative body also highlighted several positive updates, including the news that the industry still has “significant” access to high volumes of quality fish stocks and that relations with the EU and international markets remain strong.  

It hopes that these factors will mitigate the damage from Brexit and assist with recovery across the sector.  

The industry reportedly also aims to grow over the next few years, with the Seafood Transformation ONE set to expand the processing sector’s turnover by up to £240 million. 

According to the initiative, it will create an estimated 900 jobs if its venture proves successful.  

“There are glimmers of light that make it easier for the industry to rebuild but overall the post-Brexit trade environment leaves the industry in a more challenging position than it was previously,” Scottish Seafood chief executive Donna Fordyce said.  

“Nevertheless, we are now firmly focused on taking forward the key recommendations.” 

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