Tesco will encourage customers to go vegan in net zero drive

Tesco has revealed plans to reduce the environmental impact of “people’s dietary choices” by getting shoppers to buy more vegan meals.

As part of its bid to reach net zero in its “value chain” by 2050, the supermarket said that “an increase in the amount of plant-based food is required to cut emissions”.

It has been a big backer of vegan businesses through its incubator programme.

The latest cohort includes plant-based energy drink Tenzing and Mighty Pea, a pea and oat-based milk.

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Tesco, which hopes to reach net zero in stores by 2035, also pledged to crack down on food waste and slash emissions from food production.

The retailer has written to its suppliers to ask for their support in reaching a “low carbon economy”.

Around 100 of these businesses have reportedly reduced their emissions by a fifth.

“It’s right that we set out this ambitious commitment to cut emissions across our entire value chain,” chief executive Ken Murphy said. 

“We don’t yet have all the answers and we’ll need support from our suppliers and wider society to meet our targets, but it’s vital we take action now.”

WWF chief executive Tanya Steele praised Tesco for taking on the “challenge” of reaching net zero within three decades.

She added: “The payoff is worth it – for the people in countries where Tesco does business, for the UK’s net zero ambition, for nature all around the world and for the future generations.”

It comes ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), which starts in slightly over a month in Glasgow.

Asda, a Big 4 rival of Tesco, recently opened a refill branch in the city to cut down on packaging waste.

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