Whitby Seafoods partners with CarbonCloud to calculate supply chain emissions

Whitby Seafoods has partnered with climate intelligence platform CarbonCloud to calculate the carbon emissions throughout its supply chain.

Using CarbonCloud’s platform, the scampi manufacturer has mapped out the carbon emissions from the British Isles waters to its finished product in a bid to commit to sustainable seafood.

According to Whitby, this collaboration has made its scampi the first seafood product in the UK market with a carbon footprint.

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CarbonCloud’s analysis has revealed that most of emissions from Whitby’s products comes from the produce itself, with less than 2% from transportation.

As a result, the data will allow Whitby to decide on its future environmental actions such as sourcing seafood responsibly, reducing the carbon impact of energy within its operations and working with its suppliers to also reduce their carbon footprint.

“As the largest Scampi manufacturer in the UK, we have a responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment,” Whitby business development and climate change director, Edward Whittle said.

As a local, family business, we are passionate about ensuring the highest quality at every production stage and contributing to our community. It is a natural next step for us to calculate and monitor our footprint on our climate – because we care and need to, in equal parts.”

CarbonCloud CEO and co-founder, David Bryngelsson added: “Whitby Seafoods is setting the example for an industry with large climate opportunities. We are elated to support the UK’s leading scampi brand in their commitment to climate transparency.”



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