Scotland and Wales lead the UK food and drink exports

Food and drink exports across the UK show signs of recovery from the challenges of Covid 19 and new UK-EU trading relationships.

According to research by the Food and Drink Federation (FDF), Scotland, Wales, West Midlands and the North East have seen the strongest recovery from supply chain problems, and businesses are adapting to the new UK-EU trading relationships.

Scotland accounted for the largest share (30%) of UK food and drink exports. This was worth £5.7bn, up 14.6% since 2020.

Wales was the only UK nation to exceed pre-Covid export levels, driven by strong exports of cereals, up 173% since 2020 and now worth nearly £140 million to the economy.

The North East saw the largest increase, reaching £280 million – a 20.4% increase from 2020 – while the West Midlands grew by £810 million, a 12.6% rise from two years ago.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is not factored into the FDF’s report. The FDF commented: “we’re yet to understand its full impact on our sector’s exports and on the global supply chains.”

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“It’s very encouraging to see exports starting to recover across many parts of the UK, with companies starting to pull out of COVID-related disruption and adapting to the UK’s new trading relationships with countries around the world,” the FDF chief executive Karen Betts said.

“Every product we export is rooted in our culture and our communities, and it’s great to see that our food and drink is sought out by consumers all over the world.”

Mister for exports Mike Freer added: “Our 12-point Export Strategy, Export Support Service and new network of agri-food and drink attachés are all ways we’re supporting businesses to boost their exports and take advantage of exciting new opportunities across the globe.”

The news comes as MPs warned that failure to alleviate labour shortages due to post-Brexit policy and the pandemic will “permanently” shrink the UK’s food sector and increase prices.

Shortages have also caused disruption in the food supply chain and have threatened the UK’s food security.

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