Coca-Cola launches ‘space-inspired’ Coke and innovative platform

Coca-Cola is set to debut a plethora of limited edition launches, including a new version of the coke drink, Starlight, inspired by “the infinite possibilities of space”.

The first Coca-Cola Starlight rolled out in North America on 21 February, with a UK launch set to follow over the coming months, according to The Grocer.

The soft drinks giant has announced a partnership with pop star Ava Max in a bid to promote the launch, fronting a digital and augmented reality campaign.

The news comes after Coca-Cola created a new “global innovation platform” called Coca-Cola Creations, through which it will launch a range of limited edition products “inspired by different cultural cues”.

“Experimenting with such an iconic brand requires a big leap of faith,” The Coca-Cola Company senior director of global brand strategy Oana Vlad said.

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“We had flavour houses working with design agencies, and we had scientists working with creatives.

“We started on this journey not knowing exactly where it would end, and that was okay because we wanted to push ourselves to do things differently, to iterate, and to innovate with speed.”

Vlad said the beverage is a small step into the company’s metaverse aspirations.

“We had our first foray in the metaverse last year with the launch of our first NFT and a partnership with Decentraland, and a party on the top of a Coca-Cola can,” Oana explained.

“We’re very excited about this next step because we think it continues to let us experiment and learn in the digital space with a really unique AR experience Ava is the star of, as well as ASMR which we’re super excited about trying.”

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