Britvic join forces with Xampla in a £1m packaging innovation partnership

Britvic has partnered with the University of Cambridge-backed tech company, Xampla, in a £1 million packaging innovation deal to acquire clear plastic bottles fortified with vitamins.

The leading branded soft drinks business revealed that consumers are 40% more likely to recycle clear bottles over coloured ones.

However, the downside of clear bottles is that they let more UV rays in, losing the necessary protection for Vitamin D.

After 15 years of research, Xampla has developed a revolutionary material that uses pea protein to make microscopic capsules that protect vitamins within the liquid, stopping them from being broken down by sunlight.

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“Our work with Xampla supports our Healthier People, Healthier Planet strategy,” Britvic director of sustainable business Sarah Webster said.

“By agreeing this £1 million partnership with each other, we have shown the power of collaboration between established players and cutting-edge innovators to deliver Healthier People and Healthier Planet.

“Xampla technology has the makings of a ‘win-win’, enabling delivery of greater nutritional value in the drinks people love while ensuring that more products can come to market in clear, recyclable bottles.”

The news comes after Britvic brands Fruit shoot and 7UP made the shift to clear bottles last year to drive up recycling rates.

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