Aldi offers to “kiss and make up” with M&S this Christmas

Aldi has offered a mistletoe ‘Olive Branch’ of peace to supermarket Marks and Spencer amid the ongoing disputes regarding the companies’ caterpillar cakes and Christmas gins.

In light of the festive season, Aldi unveiled a 10ft mistletoe structure outside its Skegness store, next to an M&S store, with an invitation to “kiss and make up” written on it.

This follows the latest conflict between the two supermarkets as M&S launched a legal claim against Aldi, arguing the design of the discounters gold flake gin is “strikingly similar” to its ‘Light Up’ gin range.

M&S is seeking an injunction to restrain Aldi from infringing its designs, requiring the discounter to surrender or destroy its stock and pay damages, plus costs.

However, this is not the first time the grocers have gone head to head.

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In April, M&S took legal action against supermarket Aldi to protect its Colin the Caterpillar cake with a claim Aldi’s Cuthbert product infringes its Colin the Caterpillar trademark.

Marks and Spencer lodged an intellectual property claim with the High Court and wants Aldi to remove the product from sale.

It argued the similarity of Aldi’s product leads consumers to believe they are of the same standard and “ride on the coat-tails” of M&S’s reputation with the product.

“It’s been a tricky year for everyone so we didn’t want to end it on a sour note with our neighbours,” Aldi store manager at Skegness Ryan Rushen said.

“Hopefully, our little gesture will show that there are no hard feelings from our side, and to have a good Christmas, you need to be kind. We are yet to hear back from them, however.”

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  • Like their sarcastic tweets, this is another mickey taking gimmick on behalf of this German company to deflect what is clearly THEFT. M&S spend time and money on some of the best food innovations on our Christmas tables, only to have their ideas stolen by Aldi – who may go on to imitate the packaging but not necessarily the same ingredients. Aldi are a disgrace and without any honesty or integrity.


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