Lucozade Sport to save 101 tonnes of plastic with new sustainable sleeve

Lucozade Sport has released its new reduced plastic sleeve on its bottles, in a bid to save 101 tonnes of virgin plastic a year. 

The move comes a part of its sustainability mission that’s being rolled out across the Lucozade Sport portfolio. 

The reduced sleeve can be easily identified for the correct waste stream to ensure Lucozade Sport bottles are turned back into bottles within the UK’s recycling infrastructure. 

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Suntory Beverage & Food, the company that owns Lucozade, has made a £7.8 million investment towards sustainable packaging for the group’s “Growing for Good vision” campaign, which focuses on environmental changes in business and society. 

The scheme has previously updated Ribena’s packaging to include paper straws for their juice cartons and has also made Lucozade labels transparent for it to be efficiently recycled back into bottles. 

“This is a key move for the Lucozade Sport brand and, more broadly, for SBF GB&I as part of our growing for good vision,” Lucozade Sport head of marketing Tom Bell said. 

“The new sleeve not only makes Lucozade Sport bottles easier to recycle – and therefore turned more easily back into bottles – but equally benefits retailers by being more eye-catching and striking on shelf, helping shoppers to find their favourite isotonic drink more easily.” 

The new Lucozade reduced plastic sleeve has kept the company in line with its goal of making all packing from 100% recycled materials by 2030 and its ambition to reach net zero emissions by 2050. 

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