Tesco to remove 60m pieces of plastic with new refillable cleaning range

Tesco has launched a new refillable line of cleaning products, in a bid to save up to 60 million pieces of plastic a year.

The Big 4 grocer has introduced six own-brand spray bottles, which can be reused by mixing Tesco dissolvable capsules and water to make a new cleaning solution.

These new products include: Anti Bac Multi-Purpose Surface Cleanser Original , Anti Bac Multi-Purpose Surface Cleanser Apple, Anti Bac Kitchen Surface cleaner, Anti Bac Bathroom Surface cleaner, Daily Shower cleaner and Window & Glass cleaner.

Each spray costs 80p and the refills are 70p.

Tesco hopes the new range will change the way customers purchase cleaning products as eco-friendly options continue to become more mainstream.

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UK households use over 70 million cleaning sprays every year – more than 140 million pieces of plastic.

“Refillable cleaning products should prove to be popular with our customers,” Tesco cleaning product buyer Michael Williment said.

“Not only are they better for the planet – they clean to the same high standard, are easy to use and cheaper than buying a new spray bottle each time.”

The move is part of the grocers plans to tackle the impact of plastic waste through its 4Rs strategy, which was first launched in 2019.

Since then it has removed a billion pieces of plastic from its UK business, and aims to remove a further half a billion this year.

Tesco has additionally reduced the materials used each year in its packaging by more than 2500 tonnes and recently launched reusable packaging service Loop in ten stores and new soft plastic recycling facilities across all large stores.

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