Issa Brothers keep opening Spars despite Asda ambitions

The Issa brothers are continuing to open Spar stores on their petrol stations despite plans to convert them into mini-Asdas.

Forecourt giant EG Group, co-owned by the Issas and TDR Capital, opened two Spars in Scotland earlier this month.

The convenience stores now operate on around 360 of the group’s sites.

Mohsin and Zuber Issa view the “Asda on the Move” shops as a chance to “drive innovation” in the Big 4 grocer, which they bought earlier this year.

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“What makes Asda so appealing for EG is the opportunity to replace Spar as the wholesaler,” a City source said last year.

“Think of the Tesco-Booker deal: Asda could suddenly fill that space too.”

Over 200 mini-Asdas are expected to open by the end of 2022, with 28 planned for 2021.

The retailer has opened five convenience stores on EG forecourts since a trial in October last year.

Its next sites will be in Knowsley, Crewe, Skelmersdale and Holtspur.

The news comes as the Issas prepare to sell EG’s overseas petrol stations, likely starting with those in Australia.

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