FSA unveils national investigation on the ‘state of the nation’s plate’


The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has unveiled its new report investigating the “state of the nation’s plate.”  

According to the agency, it will be examining whether British food standards are falling, improving or being maintained. 

The annual report is set to be conducted by the FSA alongside Food Standards Scotland (FSS) and is scheduled for release in summer 2022.  

It will also investigate items of consumer interest, upcoming food standards issues and areas of concern which the FSA and FSS want to draw attention to.  

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The organisation said that the reports will encompass a wider range of issues beyond labelling, food safety, composition and nutrition to involve considerations including animal welfare and environmental concerns.  

It will be given flexibility to address a new series of topics each year with a focus on particular or developing interests to the UK consumer, which the report will review on a “thematic basis.”  

According to the organisation, the first report will be a regular overview of consumer interests and the standard of food over time and will be “compact and tightly focused” to provide a “firm footing” for further reports.  

The agency also confirmed that it will be consulting with all devolved governments across the UK over its consultation process and will reflect the different policy approaches from each country.  

FSA chair professor Susan Jebb said that she hopes it will become the “go-to report for anyone wanting to get a sense of food standards in the UK.”  

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