Sainsbury’s to offer discounts via online loyalty scheme

Sainsbury’s will now offer lower prices to customers via its digital loyalty scheme and self-scanner service SmartShop.

According to the Big 4 grocer, the move will offer tailored digital discounts through its Nectar scheme, so customers can save money on the things they really want every day of the year.

From next Wednesday, shoppers will be able to view their personal My Nectar Prices discounts and redeem them in store by checking out through its self-scanner service, SmartShop.

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Discounts are based on consumers’ shopping habits, resulting in pre-existing digital Nectar customers being offered up to 30 per cent off products uniquely tailored to them.

Sainsbury’s also revealed shoppers who sign up to the Nectar App now will receive a selection of discounted prices on Sainsbury’s products and groceries, which will then become customised to their shopping habits as they continue to use their digital Nectar card at Sainsbury’s.

My Nectar Prices works alongside Sainsbury’s Aldi Price Match discounts and could save a weekly Sainsbury’s shopper upwards of £200 a year when taking full advantage of My Nectar Prices.

“We’re always looking for new ways to offer our customers the best value and we’re thrilled to be launching My Nectar Prices,” Sainsbury’s chief marketing officer Mark Given said.

“What’s great about My Nectar Prices is that customers’ discounts will be tailored to personally suit each shopper based on their previous shopping habits, meaning they will receive discounted prices on products they love and frequently use.”

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