Rootles makes UK debut


Chocolate-covered crunchy carrot biscuits Rootles has made its UK debut.

Currently available in two flavours, dark chocolate and milk chocolate, each pack of Rootles contains three carrot biscuit fingers coated in chocolate, and retails of £1.00-1.20 per 27g pack.

“The Covid pandemic has led to a greater focus on health and Rootles are the perfect product for guilt-free snacking, as they are high fibre and contain just 120 calories per pack – fewer than many other snack bars,” Rootles founder Helen Yates said.

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“Consumers are looking for healthier snacks, particularly in the impulse snacking sector, but they don’t expect to compromise on taste or texture and still want to treat themselves.

“Veg has been added to cakes for a long time but we’ve taken the concept a stage further and developed biscuit bars using root vegetables.

The Rootles brand has been developed by Helen Yates, who co-runs Luke Evans Bakery in Derbyshire with her husband David.

Luke Evans Bakery is one of the oldest family-run bakeries in the country, with a history stretching back to 1804.

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