Sainsbury’s launches plant-based tea bags

Sainsbury’s has launched its own-label plant-based tea bags.  

The move will see the Big 4 grocer replace over 859 million oil-based plastic individual teabags to plant-based plastic. 

 Currently the retailers own-label tea bags include 75 per cent natural fibers, alongside 25 per cent oil-based sealing material, polypropylene. 

However, Sainsbury’s has trialled a more sustainable plant-based plastic, Polylactic acid (PLA), which is made from sugars in cornstarch, cassava or sugarcane. 

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Our move towards plant-based teabags has required significant time and multiple trials to ensure that our customers receive the same great quality teabag and we look forward to the roll out in stores this year.” 

The news comes as Sainsbury’s  announced it will also eliminate the outer plastic wrapping packaging of 11 products, resulting in the removal of 16.2 tonnes of plastic.



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