Jealous Sweets launches sour beans range


Jealous Sweets has launched its new sour beans collection.  

The vegan confectionary brand will now be selling two varieties of the latest sweets range. 

The new additions will include Zingy Sours with flavour including orange, apple and lemon flavours, and Berry Sours, featuring cherry, raspberry and blackcurrant flavours.  

Sour beans will be sold for £2 per 125g pack.   

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“Our sours give the traditional mouth-watering acidity, but we have upped flavour concentration to really enhance the eating experience,” Jealous Sweets co-founder Imran Merza said.  

“We find that people have an intense taste sensation when eating our sour beans that develops as you chew through the sweet.  

The company said its new products remain free of palm oil, synthetic flavours and artificial colours, with its packaging being completely recyclable.  

Last month, Jealous Sweets announced the launch of its new Foam range.  

The gluten-free and plant-based range includes Berry Foams and Juicy Foams, which are available in 125g sharing bags. 



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