Iceland U-turns on Del Monte pineapples despite farm violence allegations

Iceland has reversed its decision and confirmed it is still stocking Del Monte pineapple products despite the brand’s ongoing allegations of human rights abuse on its Kenyan farm.

Last month, the frozen food specialist told the Burau of Investigative Journalism that it was not stocking the products in question, however it has since said the first statement did not apply to all canned pineapple products from the Thika plantation.

An Iceland spokesperson told the publication: “Our buyers remain in regular dialogue with Del Monte and are reviewing the products currently available at our stores. Iceland has thorough processes in place to ensure our high standards are met across all product ranges and we will continue to monitor this situation.”

Iceland’s amended statement is understood to make it the last UK supermarket still stocking the Del Monte pineapple products from Kenya, after Morrisons last month also discontinuing the tinned fruits.

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It followed suit of other leading UK retailers last year ditching stocking the canned products, including Tesco, Waitrose and Asda and Sainsbury’s over the human rights violations.

It comes amid an ongoing investigation into the FMCG’s Kenyan farms, which the fruit brand faced backlash over the treatment of its workers, when it was found by TBIJ’s investigation that across 134 villagers living near the farm, the community had suffered five deaths, five rapes and allegations of serious injuries.

However Del Monte’s farm has also since faced further claims of violent abuse against workers, including deaths of four men whose bodies were retrieved from a river in December, and bystanders hit by stray bullets between clashes between police and young men.

Iceland said the miscommunication was down to “human error”.



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