Cano Water moves production to UK to slash climate footprint

Canned water brand Cano Water is moving its operations to the UK from its original source in the Austrian Alps in a bid to limit its environmental impact.

By relocating, the brand has successfully reduced its carbon footprint by over half and helps it to move closer to its goal of saving 1bn plastic bottles from landfill by 2030.

The new UK sourced water is drawn up from more than 240 metres below the English countryside via a long established bore hole.

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Cano Water said the unique sandstone geology of the aquifer slow filters the water, guaranteeing an “exceptionally clean” and “natural” taste, with the average age of each drop being over 3,000 years.

Alongside the move to the UK, the brand, which recently expanded into grocer’s Ocado and Tesco, is also reducing its footprint across the whole supply chain, with its 330ml ring pull cans and outer boxes being enhanced through lightweighting – a move it insists will not compromise on quality.

Cano Water CEO and co-founder Josh White said: “Shockingly, 15,000 kg of plastic pollutes our oceans every minute, despite single-use plastic bottles being a major contributor to the global plastic pollution, harming wildlife and ecosystems in the process.”

“By partnering with UK suppliers, we’re thrilled to continue our mission of providing consumers with a sustainable alternative to bottled water, while minimising our environmental impact even further.”



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