Asda lags behind Big 4 rivals in disposable barbeque ban

Big 4 grocer Asda is lagging behind other grocers to ban the sales of disposable barbecues, after rivals Sainsbury’s and Tesco become the latest retailers to take them off the shelves during the current heatwave.

According to Sainsbury’s the policy was a precautionary measure, after halting the sale of disposable barbecues until further notice, due to the fire risk in the hot, dry weather.

A spokesperson for the supermarket said: “Safety is our highest priority and we have made this decision due to the hot and dry weather that we are currently experiencing across the country. We will continue to closely monitor the situation and listen to customer feedback.”

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It joins Tesco and Ocado in temporarily banning the £2 portable barbecues.

However, Tesco will continue to offer small metal portable barbecues for customers. It added that disposable barbecues will be made available again once weather conditions improve.

This comes as Marks and Spencers revealed last week it will not be selling disposable barbecues in all of its UK stores, with Aldi and Waitrose halting the sales of the disposable barbecues.

Morrisons and symbol group retailer the Co-op have only stopped sales at stores near national parks despite pleads for the ban of disposable barbecues due to their potentially hazardous impact to the environment.

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