Tesco provides emergency relief for Ukrainian refugees

Tesco has begun supporting Ukrainian refugees by providing food, water and other emergency relief supplies to civilians who have escaped to neighbouring countries.

The Big 4 grocer has used its distribution centres in Budapest, Bratislava and Prague to network its support over the region.

Co-ordination efforts have also extended to food banks in Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic to provide food aid to Ukrainian families.

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Tesco has already donated truckloads of food, water and other hygiene products including nappies and clothing for children.

The retailer has also removed all charges for UK customers wanting to contact family and friends in Ukraine via Tesco Mobile.

The news comes after Russia has attacked key Ukrainian cities as the war escalates with military conflict continuing for the seventh day in a row.

“Clearly more will be required but great to see the Tesco teams, with our long-term partner food banks in each country kicking into action so quickly,” said Tesco Central Europe chief executive Matt Simister.

“Steered by the Red Cross, our initial donations have been food, water, hygiene products and clothing, but our humanitarian aid will evolve with the needs of those impacted/displaced. Unfortunately, there is lots more to do.”

Other retailers have also expressed support for Ukraine, with Iceland Food Charitable Foundation donating £150,000 to the British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

However, the aid for refugees comes as the UK Home Office continues to restrict entry to Ukrainians fleeing war.

Unlike other European states, the UK has denied a visa waiver for refugees and will only allow Ukrainians who have a family member who is British or a Ukrainian settler to apply for a visa.

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  • Lynn Putterford
    March 3, 2022 7:34 pm

    In my local Tesco today (witham) I was disappointed not to see any support notification for Ukraine. Also there was nowhere visible to donate goods or money. Surely as one of the biggest supermarkets in the uk Tesco need to help on the ground. The supermarkets have thousands of customers every day who would be willing to donate. I am aware that Tesco has donated to Ukraine in other territories but surely local stores are a major source for donation of goods and monetary donation. Thank you.
    Lynn Putterford

    • Jamie Stenier
      March 7, 2022 4:32 pm

      Did you read the article, Lynn? Properly read it. Why do you need to do it through Tesco when Tesco are doing it itself? Can you see the massive, gaping hole in your logic? If it meant that much to you, you would be finding a way to do it rather than complaining about a company that is doing something about it, so in closing, in case it didn’t make sense, go the “Red Cross”, any of them and donate that way. You don’t need Tesco to do everything for you.

  • Absolutely, they are put to shame by Aldi who have essential goods by there checkouts asking that people donate if they can.NOTHING when we went into our local Tesco.


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