Tesco saves 67 tonnes of plastic a year with toilet roll reduction

Tesco has reduced the amount of plastic used in its large toilet paper multipacks in a bid to save 67 tonnes of plastic packaging each year.

The reduction in size will mean 17 fewer lorries are needed each week to transport the rolls from the supplier to the grocer’s distribution centres.

Those lorries will be used to deliver other products to stores as they get busier in the run-up to Christmas.

“As well as removing unnecessary plastic, reducing the size of multipacks will free up valuable space in our lorries that can be put to great use this Christmas.” Tesco paper buying manager at Tesco Katie Frost said.

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The Big 4 grocer recently changed the 24 brand pack of toilet rolls with the new 12 pack of ‘double rolls’ that have twice the number of sheets wound onto them.

This change saved 46 tonnes of plastic, freeing five extra lorries each week to carry other loads.

“We are looking at a number of ways to use less packaging as a part of our 4Rs packaging strategy. In the last few years, we have cut six thousand tonnes of packaging from products, including a billion pieces of plastic.” Frost added.

This news comes after the retailer launched a reusable shopping service with Loop in 10 stores and soft plastic recycling collection points in all its larger stores.

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