Morrisons to ban banana bags in anti-plastic push

Morrisons is set to remove the plastic packaging from its bananas in a “no-brainer” move to save 180 tonnes of plastic per year.

In what is reportedly a first for a UK supermarket, the bags will be replaced with a “sturdy” paper band.

It comes after experts revealed that fears of Covid-19 infection had caused sales of unpackaged fruit and vegetables to drop.

However, Morrisons claims that a “successful” 12-week trial of the paper bands saved over two million plastic bags from landfill.

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While bananas are the retailer’s second-most popular item, the changes are believed to apply only to those bought in-store rather than online.

“Bananas have their own packaging – their skins,” Morrisons buying manager Elio Biondo said.

“They also grow in bunches which generally means they don’t need bagging together… a simple sturdy paper band is the ideal alternative.”

The initiative, due to come in within six months, is part of the grocer’s commitment to halving its own-brand plastic packaging by 2025.

In January, Morrisons was ranked second-last in Greenpeace’s league of supermarket plastic packaging, behind all of its Big 4 rivals.

The environmental group criticised the retailer’s increased plastic use and plastic bag consumption.

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