SWA moves to phase two of decarbonisation project

The Scottish Wholesale Association (SWA) has announced that it is moving on to phase two of its decarbonisation project.  

The initiative has been designed to assist the wider wholesale sector in becoming more sustainable. 

In partnership with several energy partner organisations, the goal of the scheme is to achieve net zero emissions by 2045 across the wholesale food supply chain, according to the SWA. 

These organisations include ULEMCo, Arcola Energy and Logan Energy.  

The first phase saw the SWA assess the level of emissions from each association member’s vehicle fleets. 

Moving forward, the second phase will examine the carbon footprint of all buildings across the wholesale sector.  

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The information from each phase will be combined to calculate the emissions of each association member.  

“We will then present various options to our members so we can discuss the best way forward on our journey to decarbonisation,” SWA chief executive Colin Smith said.  

“In addition, we are in the process of creating a bespoke toolkit to help members calculate, estimate and keep track of their own vehicle fleet emissions.” 

The SWA is employing greener alternatives to its operations and investing in new developments to reach its net zero emissions deadline.  

“We are looking at various aspects of decarbonisation and a particular focus of Phase one was on Hydrogen Fuel Cell (HFC) and electric vehicle (EV) technologies,” Smith continued. 

“Phase two, which is shining a spotlight on energy and buildings, is now in progress and it is heartening that many SWA members are already forging ahead with their own plans to make their own fleets and buildings more sustainable and environmentally friendly.” 



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